Specialist Training

Yoga Therapy

We have been delivering rehabilitation exercise training through our yoga therapy offering. Popular amongst people with common muscular issues but we also have a strong mature client base who benefit greatly from this focussed yoga practice.

Our Yoga Therapy offers clients a unique experience in the physical aspects of Yoga based on a deep understanding of the effect of the asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques).

Evolve’s Yoga Therapy has 3 main strands:

  • Stress Injuries:
    stretches for the upper and lower back body (neck, shoulders, wrists, fingers) -mixed with stretches to relieve tension in knees, ankles, toes, and helps a lot in case of swollen legs or feet.
  • Body Alignment:
    this incorporates some of the principles used in Gyrokinesis exercises focusing on backbending-forward bending and twists that are really effective for re-aligning the spine (some are specific for diabetes and other hormonal-related diseases.
  • Hypertension:
    certain postures ease the flow of blood around the body and help the heart to slow down.