I had been struggling to loose weight for a while and was intrigued by the Fitness With Food poster at my gym so I contacted Fitness With Food to find out more about what they do. After learning about the different packages available, I decided to go with the fitness training package for 2-3 months. My personal trainer started by assessing my fitness level and designed a weekly training programme to help me achieve my main objective which was weight loss.

We did a mix of boxing, resistance training and cardiovascular. The intensity of the training would vary as we progressed through the programme. I enjoyed all my training sessions and they never got boring; when the weather was nice we would go jogging with mixed exercise intervals during our jog. We would always end the sessions with some boxing which I found challenging but enjoyed.

In addition to my fitness training, I was given a lot of diet and nutritional advice which helped me become more aware of what foods to eat and what not to eat and this has led to me maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I felt that my training programme was focussed on my goals and helped me achieve them.