Steve Ball

I have been doing Fitness With Food’s Combination Training programme for the past 2 years. I have an extremely busy lifestyle and the Combination Training package was exactly what I needed.

Due to my busy lifestyle I do not find the time to prepare food myself. Fitness With Food created a tailor made eating plan and provided with ready made meals for 5 days out of each week and all of the meals were full of flavour and contained all of the essential vitamins and minerals that my body needs. My biggest problem was eating enough food as I burn so many calories, but after a few weeks on the Fitness With Food diet the change in my energy levels was clearly noticeably.

In today’s world you can easily end up eating food which is bad for you without even knowing it. My understanding of different food groups and their benefits has led to massive changes in my diet which I can feel has massively supported my intense lifestyle.

Learning about the right food to eat is a gradual process but after a few months I found that I understood enough to incorporate at least one healthy meal into my diet on the days where I was not eating Fitness With Food meals.