I began training with Fitness With Food in February 2012, with my primary objective being weight loss. After my full body analysis a training programme was designed for me, which included 2 days a week of personal training and the remaining days were an easy to follow guide to working out.

One of my sessions each week was dedicated to Muay Thai, while the other was weight lifting. I thoroughly enjoyed the Fitness With Food training experience and developed a keen interest in Muay Thai. It is a very fun and very effective way to get some high intensity cardio into a routine, and it never gets boring.

The results of my training with Fitness With Food were fantastic – I was able hit my target of around 30 lbs weight loss in 6 months. I have stuck to the training programme and have managed to remain in shape. I am now focusing on muscle gain.

I highly recommend Fitness With Food. My personal trainer, Haitham who is also the owner, has a fantastic knowledge of both working out and also nutrition. In addition to my fitness training I also did 3 food training sessions and an eating plan was designed for me. I learned about different food groups and where to source ingredients. Haitham is a great personal trainer, highly motivated, a lot of fun to train with and his approach produces top results.